Advantages of Hydrovac Excavation

There are a variety of advantages to using Hydrovac Excavation as opposed to other excavation methods.

  • Advantages of Hydrovac Excavation100% safe to underground lines, pipe and operator
  • Reduce restoration costs
  • Helps prevent hazardous strikes or damage to any infrastructure
  • Lower liability and reduced insurance costs
  • Excavated material left clean and dry
  • Excavated material suitable for backfilling
  • Fast, Effective excavation in areas with access issues
  • Work around vertical pipe and tanks inside plants
  • Minimum of 50% to 100% faster than hand digging or using dirt equipment
  • Keyhole surgery of trial pits
  • Safely remove contaminated materials
  • Precise holes for pilings
  • Dig up to 200’ from the truck
  • Remote Diagnostics and data logging
  • Video surveillance and logging
  • GPS tracking and event logging system